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HTTP metrics

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The HTTP metrics dashboard provides Upsun users with network-related metrics. Those insights are designed to help them better understand the state of their applications.

Those metrics can be accessed by clicking the HTTP metrics tab on the environment page within the console.

The HTTP metrics dashboard can help you:

  • Verify if there were any recent spikes in error responses
  • Check bandwidth consumption to determine if there were any service interruptions
  • Identify specific URLs causing site-wide issues
  • Prioritize performance optimization (see application metrics)

HTTP requests status graph Anchor to this heading

The HTTP requests graph provides an aggregated view of the health of HTTP requests made to the application. It reflects the status responses (e.g. 1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX) of HTTP requests across a defined time frame.

This graph helps identify surge of error responses or periods of elevated request activity.

Bandwidth usage graph Anchor to this heading

The Bandwidth graph displays the data transfer volume. It represents incoming (data the app receives) and outgoing (data the app sends) bandwidth usage over time.

This graph helps identify bandwidth bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and track bandwidth usage.

Top 10 most impactful URLs Anchor to this heading

The Top 10 URL Impact graph and list pinpoint high-traffic or resource-intensive URLs for targeted optimization or investigation. It showcases the evolution over time of the top-10 most impactful URLs during a given time frame.

This graph helps identify potential trouble spots, understand user behavior, and prioritize areas for optimization.

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