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Infrastructure metrics

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Upsun projects are accompanied by live infrastructure metrics that provide an overview of resource usage for environments.

Within the Console, metrics can be found for an environment under Resources.

The information under Resources shows usage metrics for:

Upsun environments: your service, app, and worker containers. These metrics are available for all of your environments.

Default thresholds Anchor to this heading

All of the graphs show labels for the following thresholds:

  • Usage that crosses 80% results in a warning label.
  • Usage that crosses 90% results in a critical label.

Recommendations Anchor to this heading

The default thresholds aim to give you an idea of when your hosts/containers are close to running out of resources. The impact differs based on your specific apps and service. The values of the thresholds is purely informational.

The thresholds are set for each container. If the resources are high and hovering close to the 100% threshold, you might want to consider:

Time intervals Anchor to this heading

Measurements are taken for each metric every 1 minute. You can select a time frame over which to see these measurements for the entire Resources view. In the primary three views, averages are shown over larger intervals.

View Time between measurements Example
The last 15 minutes (15m) 1 minute 10:00, 10:01, 10:02
The last hour (1hr) 1 minute 10:00, 10:01, 10:02
The last 8 hours (8hr) 10 minutes 10:00, 10:10, 10:20, 11:00

To zoom in on smaller intervals, select specific ranges in a graph.

The interval between measurements then changes based on the range you choose.

View Time between measurements
< 2 hours 1 minute
2 to 5 hours 5 minutes
5+ hours 20 minutes

Longer time intervals Anchor to this heading

You can access historical data for up to 30 days. These data should help you understand trends over time and whether a given measurement is normal, something that occurs occasionally, or a true anomaly.

To see data over a given time frame, use the date picker to select the range to display.

Deployments Anchor to this heading

Sometimes deployment activities (pushes, merges, syncs) can influence the underlying infrastructure. You don’t want to confuse a spike caused by a successful deploy with an issue that needs your attention.

To see how deployment activity influences the infrastructure, turn on Deployments on your metrics.

Each deployment activity appears as a line on each graph corresponding to the time the activity finished. To see information about the deployment activity, hover over the line. To see the build log for a specific deployment activity, click the line.

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