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Troubleshoot mounts

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Overlapping folders Anchor to this heading

If you have a mount with the same name as a directory you’ve committed to Git or you create such a directory during the build, you get a message like the following:

W: The mount '/example' has a path that overlaps with a non-empty folder.
The content of the non-empty folder either comes from:
- your git repository (you may have accidentally committed files).
- or from the build hook.
Please be aware that this content isn't accessible at runtime.

This shows that the files in Git or from your build aren’t available after the build. The only files that are available are those in your mount.

To make the files available in the mount, move them away and then copy them into the mount:

  1. In the build hook, use mv to move the files to another location.

    mv example tmp/example
  2. In the deploy hook, use cp to copy the files into the mount.

    cp -r tmp/example example

To see the files without copying them, temporarily remove the mount from your app configuration. Then SSH into your app and view the files. You can then put the mount back in place.

Mounted files not publicly accessible Anchor to this heading

If you’ve set up mounts to handle files like user uploads, you want to make sure the files are accessible. Do so by managing their location.

This example defines two mounts, one named private and one upload:

                source: storage
                source_path: private
                source: storage
                source_path: uploads

With only this definition, their behavior is the same. To make uploads accessible, define a location with different rules as in the following example:

                    # Handle dynamic requests
                    root: 'public'
                    passthru: '/app.php'
                # Allow uploaded files to be served, but don't run scripts.
                    root: 'uploads'
                    expires: 300s
                    scripts: false
                    allow: true

Mounts starting with a dot ignored Anchor to this heading

Upsun ignores YAML keys that start with a dot. This causes a mount like .myhiddenfolder to be ignored. To mount a directory starting with a dot, put a / at the start of its definition:

                    source: storage
                    source_path: 'myhiddenfolder'

Disk space issues Anchor to this heading

If you are worried about how much disk your mounts are using, check the size with the following command:

upsun resources:get

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