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When dealing with PHP stacks, the information below may help customize your configuration. These sections provide PHP-specific configuration details, but you can also refer to the common Upsun documentation:

Build flavors Anchor to this heading

By default, Upsun makes assumptions about how you want to build your application. Namely, that you are managing your dependencies with Composer, and that the very first thing you’d like to run is a particular and common production flavor of composer install.

This is called a build flavor, but its assumption may prove inappropriate for your application and cause your builds to fail. Therefore, you can disable this feature.

Authenticated Composer Anchor to this heading

Packagist is the primary Composer repository for public PHP packages. But you can also have Composer download PHP packages from a private, third-party Composer repository. To make sure Composer has the necessary credentials to do so, follow the instructions on the Authenticated Composer documentation.

PHP settings Anchor to this heading

Upsun provides additional configuration possibilities to control:

Enabling/disabling extensions Anchor to this heading

PHP has a number of extensions developed by members of the community. Some of these extensions need to be enabled, while others are enabled by default and must be disabled if desirable.

See which PHP extensions are available for your version of PHP.

Web servers Anchor to this heading

While PHP-FPM is the default behavior, Upsun provides some support for different web servers by modifying the web.commands.start property:

Frameworks Anchor to this heading

The Upsun documentation includes a wide array of community resources to help with framework-specific configuration:

Get support Anchor to this heading

While there are virtually no restrictions to you deploying any kind of application on Upsun, configuration may still be unclear at this point.

Not to worry! The Upsun community is here to help. Come and say hello, share your work, ask for help, and peek in on what others are working on.

Welcome to the Upsun community!

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