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Upsun offers flexible, usage-based pricing for organizations and projects.

In general, there are four main dimensions that determine the cost of work on Upsun.

Pricing dimension Details
Project fees An individual project on Upsun comes with a consistent monthly cost. The cost includes all of the orchestration and provisioning characteristics that define the Upsun PaaS.

It comes with some baseline features and feature limits, such as infrastructure metrics and a certain number of build minutes. Individual preview environments do not come with their own associated creation cost - you are charged only for the resources those preview environments use during their lifespan (see next row).
Project resources Deploying on Upsun allows you fine-grained control over the amount of resources allocated for your application and service containers. CPU, memory, and disk (including backup disk) are calculated across each organization, project, and environment to determine your overall usage for a billing period.
User licenses Each organization user comes with a license fee. Users can be given different levels of access to singular projects within an organization, or to multiple projects, without changing that license fee. There are two exceptions which are not charged the license fee: Viewers and Viewers who Manage Billing. There are no limits to the number of users you can have in an organization.
Feature add-ons There are additional features that can be added to the organization that come with their own cost. Few of these are available immediately during the Beta phase, but more will be added.

A given organization’s monthly billing is then made up of the sum of each of these dimensions.

You can estimate the monthly cost of an organization by visiting the Billing link under your organization’s name in the top right hand corner of the management console.

Be sure to visit the Pricing page for exact details related to Upsun pricing.

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