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The Symfony CLI allows you to interact with your project from the command line.

It wraps the Upsun CLI with added features related to Symfony. So when using Symfony, you can replace upsun <command> by symfony upsun:<command> in all of your commands.

Useful Symfony CLI commands Anchor to this heading

  • Open the web administration console:

    symfony upsun:web
  • Open the URL of the current environment:

    symfony upsun:url
  • Open an SSH connection to your environment:

    symfony upsun:ssh
  • Configure a project for Upsun:

    symfony project:init --upsun
  • Get a list of all the domains:

    symfony upsun:domains
  • Create a new environment:

    symfony upsun:branch new-branch
  • Get a list of all the environments:

    symfony upsun:environments
  • Push code to the current environment:

    symfony upsun:push
  • Get a list of all the active projects:

    symfony upsun:projects
  • Add a user to the project:

    symfony upsun:user:add
  • List variables:

    symfony upsun:variables

Useful commands when using Symfony with a database Anchor to this heading

  • Create a local dump of the remote database:

    symfony upsun:db:dump --relationship database
  • Run an SQL query on the remote database:

    symfony upsun:sql 'SHOW TABLES'
  • Import a local SQL file into a remote database:

    symfony upsun:sql < my_database_backup.sql

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